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Sample of training programs (2019)

1. Beijing Chaoyang District Community Youths Center for Education and Training
STEAM International Education program

2. Ningxia Normal University
Drama Education

3. China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.
Application of business analysis and big data in the insurance industry

4. Guizhou University
Solid waste characteristics research and resource utilization technology

5. The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University
Hospital Management Leadership

6. Hunan Hengyang Normal University
The Effectiveness of Using Technology in the Classroom

7. Guangdong Institute of Chemical Technology
Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovative Engineering Capability

8. Shanghai University
International Business Innovative Thinking and Strategic Management

Sample of training programs (2018)

1. Beijing Institute of Education
Critical Thinking\Drama Education\Green School\Spatial Reasoning

2. Shanghai University
International Business Innovative Thinking and Strategic Management

3. Beijing Chaoyang District Community Youths Center for Education and Training
STEM International Education

4. Shenzhen Renlixing Business Services Co., Ltd
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

5. Suqian College
Changing Mindset/Post-Secondary Education

6. Ningbo Foreign Language School
Auditing Teacher Training

7. Chengdu Talent Service Center for Healthcare Professionals
Major Infectious Disease Control and Emergency Management

8. China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd
Financial Institution Risk Management in the New Era

9. Tianjin Higher Court
The Digital Era Copyright Law Reform

10. Health and Family Planning Commission of Zhejiang Province, Department of International Cooperation
Standardized Competency-Based Residency

11. Ministry of Justice
Research on education transformation socialization

12. Yuan Travel Education & Consulting Inc
Entrepreneurship and Media Management

13. Ningxia Normal University
Post-Secondary Teaching and Talent Cultivation

14. Huanghe Vocational College
Vocational Education Management and Teaching Methodology on Urban Water Conservancy and Environmental Engineering

15. Huai’an Elementary School
Moral Education

16. Lianyungang Elementary School
Mental Health Education

17. Jiangsu Elementary School\Taizhou Middle School
Curriculum Development and Instructional Strategies

18. Yancheng School
Cross-Discipline Education

Sample of training programs (2017)

1. China Life Investment Holding Company Limited
Insurance Innovation and Risk Management

2. Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office
International Organization Management and Government Participation in International Organizations

3. State Administration of Grain
Grain Buying and Selling System and Macro Policy

4 Beijing Chaoyang District Community Youths Center for Education and Training
STEM International Education

5. Shanghai Municipal Archives
Research on Innovative Single Digital Archive Model in Free-trade Zones

6. Shanghai Administration Institute
Ecocity and Infrastructure

7. Beijing Institute of Education
Student-centred Learning and Experiential Teaching\Individualized Teaching Methods and Assessment

8. J & J Business Group Inc.
Strategies and Policies Against Counterfeiting and Infringement

9. Tianjin Higher Court
Court Hearing System

10. Shanghai STEM +Research Institute
STEM Teaching and Learning Summit

11. China-ASEAN Capital Advisory Co., Ltd
Foreign Investment and Collaboration

12. Vietnam-Tancan-STC Human Resource Development Company
Sale/Marketing Skills in Logistics

13. Beijing Huaxing Technology Limited Inc
Educational Leadership

Sample of training programs (2016)

1.Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center with Foreign Countries
Laboratory Operations Management and Performance Appraisal Process

2. Shanghai Transportation Commission
Multi-modal Transportation Integration and Development

3. Guangzhou Municipal Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Bureau
Food Safety Certification and Regulation of Meat and Aquatic Products

4. Shanxi Exploration and Technologies Bureau
Coalbed Methane Exploration and Technologies

5.Tianjin Higher People's Court
Environmental Judicial System in Canada

6.Xinjiang Changji Animal Husbandary Bureau
Integrated Forage Management and Utilization System

7. Harbin Education Bureau
Professional Quality, Capability and Assessment Management for School Principals

8. Chengdu Municipal Education Bureau
Assessment Strategies for Special Education and Assistive Technology

9. State Administration of Grain, Policy and Regulation Department
Grain Circulation Management System & Policy Changes

10. Shandong Provincial Ministry of Civil Affairs
Senior Caring Services Training for Senior Management Talents

Sample of training programs (2015)

1. Shanghai Chongming County Education Bureau
Interactive Teaching and Learning Methods

2. Shangdong Tax Bureau
Real Estate Tax Assessment Technology

3. Beijing Administration of Work Safety
Safety Regulations and Technical Support

4. Guangxi Centre for International Exchange of personnel
Regional Integration

5. Xinjiang Changji Prefecture Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau
Animal Epidemic Disease Prevention & Control

7. Shanghai Education Center For Administrators
Vocational Education in China

8. The Export-Import Bank of China
Go Global and Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions

9. Sichuan Provincial Education Department
Train the Trainer

10. Beijing Chaoyang College of Beijing Institute of Education
Changing Mindset