Keri Ewart (Ph.D.), ABMP Program Director.

ABMP Training Division has both expertise and experience in providing a wide range of professional and management training programs to public servants, educators and business executives from across Asia. We strive to meet each of our participants’ and groups’ specific training needs and feature a variety of options that can be adapted to suit the requests of participants. Our seminars and workshops are led by renowned academics, distinguished (current and former) civil servants and accomplished senior executives from Canada's private sector. ABMP training programs ensure contemporary, research-based, best practices courses ideal for global citizens interested in learning in a multicultural city. Indeed, Toronto's cosmopolitan nature reflects its role as a magnet for global education

Programs in the home-country are mainly comprised of lectures, seminars and hands-on, innovative workshops held in an academic environment.

Versatility is the hallmark of our programs, which are designed in consultation with incoming groups. Understanding our clients’ executive and professional training needs is a top priority for our team. A culturally diverse and specialized staff guarantees every effort is taken to ensure that training groups are carefully attended to, safe and comfortable. Options include:

  • Long-term (3-4 months) or short-term (several days to several weeks) training programs in Canada or the trainees’ home-country;
  • In-Canada programs: all-inclusive accommodation, food, intra-city travel and tours or stand-alone academic training; in home-country programs: academic training;
  • Webinars and support materials;
  • Coaching programs;
  • Sector or industry-specific English language training;
  • Instruction in English with consecutive translation, if needed.

Programs in Canada are comprised of three components:

  • Lectures, seminars and workshops—usually held at York University;
  • Customized site-visits to government organizations and the private-sector;
  • Cultural excursions and travel arrangements in Canada.

Programs in the home-country are mainly comprised of lectures, seminars and workshops held in an academic environment.