Virtual Innovative Thinking, Strategic Management and Globalized Leadership Program, with Work Placement

Program Description:

This program provides a Canadian and global perspective on thinking competencies, leadership, and strategies that would allow university students to flourish in this evolving, highly competitive Canadian and global market. Participants will be asked to determine what aspects of their new learning can be adapted and used in their own lives. The combination of research, theory, and practices, and a work placement prepares participants to be competent, confident, successful future leaders and experts in their field. The 8-Week Work Placement portion of the program is designed to provide a virtual platform for university students studying in the areas of business operations, finance, accounting, marketing, technology, computer studies, etc. to cultivate management concepts, strategies, skills, and abilities that they are unable to attain in school through practical work experience in elite institutions, organizations, and/or companies in a virtual environment. While developing an entrepreneurial mindset, participants will partake in an immersive experiential application of design and systems thinking to help move a real-world project from concept to reality and benefit from a unique opportunity to work with industry experts and top executives within a leading corporate virtual environment. Students will receive online training and feedback given by an elite mentor in their field through interactive, critical, and meaningful discussions and video conferencing to gain exclusive experiences resulting in professional experience, cultural awareness, adaptability, independence, international networking, and skill development, all required to move forward with their academic trajectory.

Within the work placement portion of this program, students will have the opportunity to partake in four real-world projects and learning tasks per company and apply the skills taught and explored within the first two weeks of the program. These authentic projects will utilize skills, strategies, and competencies acquired as a result of the guidance provided by the placement mentor. All program content includes professional workplace skills, 21st-century competency and soft skill development, professionalism, work demands and adequacies as issued through the projects which will be designed by IBM.

Academic program (two months) and corporate program with IBM (one month)
Dates: 29 September 2020 to 11 December 2020


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